TREE: Stuff-o-Meter

Cradle-to-grave use of a product

TREE (Total Recyclability & Efficiency Evaluation) is a visual representation of the 'cradle to grave' use of a product's component materials. It is inspired by the ideal cycle of nutrients in nature, where nutrients are used, broken down and re-used without loss. TREE has been designed so it can be interpreted on three levels. At a quick glance you should be able to tell which products are better in terms of material usage. At closer inspection you will be able to tell what proportion of materials a product is made up from, which materials travel the furthest, how much waste is produced while manufacturing the the product, how long the product lasts and how much of what material can be re-used. A detailed look will reveal more of the issues associated with the product and show the exact amounts of materials put into the product and the amounts wasted.

D&AD Yellow Pencil